Kovan 209 Market & Food Centre

Top 3 Hawker Stalls!

Despite it's humble looks, this hainanese curry rice is a favourite for most! This store has many ingredients that range from their tender pork chops to the cruncy long beans. Try it out when you long for a taste of home.

This stall is famous for it's Noodles and Laksa! Despite its's low price, our noodles came with plenty of ingredients, with two different types of meatballs and mushrooms. Mee Pok Lovers should definitely try it.

Only made when you order, these young hawkers got us waiting for at least 15 minutes! However, the wait was worth it! Chicken was cooked to perfection; it was not too hard and yet retained a bite! If you are fan of claypot dishes, this is not something you would want to miss!

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