Newton Food Centre

Location : 500, Clemenceau Ave North, Singapore 229495

Cooked Food : 83                  Wet Market & Dry Produce stalls : 0

Type : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Newton Food Centre is a food centre located in the central estate of Newton in Singapore. First opened in 1971, the food centre is no stranger to locals and tourists alike due to its great food. Newton Food Centre was also featured in the critically acclaimed movie, Crazy Rich Asians, in 2018.

Food Choices!

With 83 stalls to choose from, patrons will have no lack in options for a great meal. As depicted in Crazy Rich Asians, Newton Food Centre is a popular dinner/supper spot amongst locals and tourist. However, there are also some breakfast and lunch options available.

Notable stalls with long queues include
(#01-12) Bee Heng
(#01-10) XO Minced Meat Noodle
(#01-58) Thye Hong Hokkien Mee
(#01-27) Alliance Seafood