Bedok Interchange

Location : 208B New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 462208

Cooked Food : 70                  Wet Market & Dry Produce stalls : 0

Type : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Bedok 勿洛 • Wù luò

Bedok is a residential area situated in the east region of Singapore. Due to it's estimated population size of 289,000 residents, it is considered the largest planning area in Singapore. The large population is probably cause of the cheaper housing prices due to the relative distance from the central area of Singapore. 

Bedok interChange Hawker Centre is 1 of the many hawker centres in Bedok. Situated next to Bedok MRT station, it is easily accessible by public transport. 


Food Choices!

With 70 cooked food stalls, this hawker centre has a good variety of food stalls including Vegetarian as well as Halal certified stalls that available for purchase from as early as 9am in the morning. Commuters on their way to & from work, and heartlanders can choose from the wide variety for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Notable stalls with long queues include 

(#01-58) Hock Hai Curry Chicken Noodle
(#01-48) Ma La Xiang Guo
(#01-34) Ming Hui Nasi Lemak
(#01-03) Pin Xiang Chicken Rice



Produce Merchants : Money changer, convenience store